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 Efficient recruitment

Efficient recruitment requires knowledge, insight, and experience – especially in a smaller, more specialized industry like eye care. At Zight, we master the art of finding the right person for the job – from lighter, specialized profiles to heavy-hitters with years of managerial experience. And we are not afraid to take up the challenge when dealing with complex projects and special requirements.

20 Years of Experience

Zight offers more than 20 years of skills and experience and a large industry network in the Scandinavia markets. That experience, and extensive knowledge of the retail and optics industry as a whole form the best starting point for an accurate search process, and secures a high success rate for both the candidate and the company. We take pride in finding the right employees for your company through a targeted, serious, and efficient recruiting process.

The Recruiting Process

Zight conducts in-house interviews and tests of all candidates, provide on-going information during the search process, as well as personal feedback to all interviewees. Following employment, we will check back to ensure satisfaction all-around.

Test & Analysiss

Allow Zight test the employees before hiring.

We interview and test the candidates, and then act as your sparring partner regarding the individual candidate. We only use tests that are reputable and well-founded, which provides an objective and safe assessment of the individual candidate.

The use of tests depends on the nature of the position and on the wishes of the client.

We are among other things certified in:


We provide a 3-month warranty on our search tasks.

If the new employee does not meet expectations or if the candidate finds new employment within the warranty period, we will find a new candidate for the position without charge.

All candidates coming through Zight:

  • Master Person Analysis (MPA) Personality profile analysis

  • OPTO - personality profile analysis

  • EASI behaviour and motivation

  • ACE test of logic and analytical reasoning

  • Enneagram

  • Have undergone an in-depth interview

  • Have signed that they do not have a criminal record

  • Have received two or more references from a former employer

  • have taken a recognised personality test (depending on the nature of the position)

  • Have documentation for any approved and health professional authorisations, identifications and licenses

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